World's largest breasts in extremely low cut tight top
Squeezing big boobs together in stretching tight top
Squeezing big boobs to tease you

There's something incredibly sexy about the shape of a tight top worn by a woman with gigantic breasts. The way they make the material stretch out as it strains to contain her massive milk juggs. But as the neck line drops, and the skin on her upper chest becomes exposed, it grabs our attention even more. Then, continuing farther, suddenly her form turns in a different direction. There's a transition point where the skeletal area of her chest turns soft and lush. The flesh becomes supple and starts outward from her body. As she walks this area ripples and moves like waves in the ocean as the added mass beneath travels its own way, separate from the rest of her. The skin of the breast is arguably the sexiest of the entire female body.

But more enticing still is where those two mounds meet. That dark line that marks the entrance to the most glorious, comforting place we can find ourselves. It's as though the depth of the cleavage tells our primal instincts that this is a sexually mature woman and screams to us, "I am capable of feeding your family."

This is an area where B.B. Gunns really shines. With giant breast implants making 76HHH cup tits, she can create a cleavage so immense, that you can't help but think of the Grand Canyon when you lay eyes upon it. Just imagine sitting with BB, when she swivels her huge boobs around and sticks them out across the front of you. A sly smile on her face, she watches as you stare entranced into the depths of her deepest cleavage. Her massive tits bulge out from her skin tight, ultra low cut top. You reach up and place a hand on top of one of her globes, and literally grab hold as though it were a basketball. She has basketball sized breasts after all! Now run you your finger down into her cleavage. Let it get pinched as she slowly breathes in and out causing her giant bosom to rise and fall -- her huge tits to expand and squeeze harder, bulging out more, and then retreat again.

Big boobs ripping top open to show you her deep cleavage
Huge Boobs stretching top to show incredible cleavage
BB Gunns cups her big boobs and squeezes them together for you

Seeing some of the world's largest breasts is truly entrancing. But seeing the cleavage squeezing out of the top of a girl with incredibly big tits is the icing on the cake. Like a deer in headlights we become mesmerized by it. Let BB Gunns suck you into her cleavage. She'll put on super tight, extremely low cut sexy clothes for you to enjoy. And she wants you to stare. Imagine ripping that top off of her. She'll tease you with picture after picture and video after video of her cleavage. She'll show you just how deep she can make it. See how it seems to go on forever.

Lay your head on these ripe melons and take in her sweet scent. Boobs this big are rare, and a woman so willing to show them off to you is even more rare. But BB Gunns knows how to entice you with her cleavage whether in a dress, a sweater, a bra, or completely nude!

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