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Some of those with big breast fetishes only desire women who were lucky enough to have grown all natural big boobs on their own. If the girl didn't growthem then too bad. Some prefer breasts which are exaggerated, almost cartoonish in the way they defy gravity, and therefore prefer big breast implants. Others still simply have a big boobs obsession, and don't care about anything except that the woman's chest is enormous.

B.B. Gunns has breast implants. Extremely large breast implants. Many 1000's of cc's in size. And her tits are extremely firm. She doesn't wear a bra most times, simply because a bra does nothing. Her huge tits hold themselves in place. BB Gunns big boobs stick out more than a foot in front of her. And because her enormous boobs are so firm, it is a true sight to behold when she exaggerates them and thrusts her big tits up and out! Equally amazing is when she lays on her back and her mounds of sexy breast flesh push skyward like the most majestic of mountains. Imagine massaging those puppies!

Just look at the picture in the to right. You can just hear her saying, "Here. These are for you. I want to feel your lips and tongue all over my massive breasts. I made them this big just for you to enjoy. It turns me on to see how my tits are bigger than your head. It makes me feel like I can please you more than any other woman."

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BB Guns will stick her big, beautiful breasts out for you. She'll lay on her back and let you climb to the peaks of her breast mountains. Totally naked she'll spread her legs and invite you in for pleasure like you've never felt before. Get over top of her and hold on to her giant tits. Feel their size and weight in your hands. Squeeze them together and make a bulging cleavage like no other. Suck on her hard nipples. Slip your hard cock between her 76 inch HHH cup boobs and tit fuck her until you cream all over her face. She loves it. She wants you to enjoy all she has to offer.

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